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Pre-Sale Questions

Yes. Window film applied to windows of your home or office will reflect up to 79% of the sun’s solar energy at the glass. This means that it will not heat up your room. Different films offer varying amounts of heat rejection. For example:

Solar Gard – TrueVue 5 – 82% heat, 95% glare, 99% UV rejection

Solar Gard – TrueVue 15 – 79% heat, 85% glare, 99% UV rejection

Solar Gard – NightSky 10 – 62% heat, 90% glare, 98% UV rejection

Solar Gard – Slate 10 – 79% heat, 90% glare, 99% UV rejection

These films have different properties due to the way that they are made and have different applications.

Yes, to a degree. Tinting will greatly reduce fading of carpet and furniture caused by heat and ultraviolet (UV) rays emitted by the sun. Everything from your expensive artwork and furnishings, to hardwood floors, carpets and curtains or drapes are at risk and even more important so is your skin.

Window tint helps by filtering visible light, rejecting solar heat and blocking over 99% of harmful UV light.

This significantly reduces your potential for fade and protects the things you treasure.

Yes, you can. Now days many new homes contain glass which has a greyish colour built in. Unfortunately, this does not stop nearly as much heat, glare and UV as applying the correct window film to clear glass.

Tropi-Cool Window Tinting can provide you with a specifically designed window film to use on grey glass. These films will greatly help with preventing the suns rays from entering into your windows and heating up your home.

Yes, by applying the correct window film, during daytime people will find it extremely difficult to see in your windows, if anything they will see shadows only, while maintaining your optical clarity looking out.

During night time hours people will be able to see into your windows, you will still have to use your drapes or curtains to gain privacy. No, you can’t run around in your undies.

Yes, we use many different types of frosted, opaque and decorative films.

The benefits of full or partial privacy can be achieved using these films.

Frosting is used on many shops, bank and office fronts to stop people from looking in where maximum privacy is required while still allowing natural light to penetrate through the glass.

Another alternative is to apply a highly reflective or coloured film behind the cut frosting to make your logo truly stand out.

Cleaning is easy—just use mild soapy water (Morning Fresh) and a clean soft cloth or synthetic sponge. Do not use abrasive cleaners or coarse cloths.


Generally speaking allow 10-15 minutes to install 1 piece of film on one piece of glass. The type of film used, solar, security or decorative will also affect the time it takes to install.


As a family owned business word of mouth is a major part of success in Cairns. We back our work and product 100%, the manufacturer backs us 100%. All work is covered by a warranty including materials and labour.

We ensure our customers are happy. If you ever have any questions or concerns, contact us any time!

Cleaning Instructions

The mounting solution used during the installation of your Solar Gard window film does require a dry out time. Cold or non-sunny weather conditions can lengthen the dry out time while warm weather and direct sunlight exposure will shorten the dry out time. Small water beads and a slightly cloudy look may appear during the dry out time. If slow drying does occur, do not become alarmed the film will dry out.

Window Film Care & Maintenance

To maximize the life of the window film please follow these instructions for proper care and maintenance. DO NOT CLEAN THE FILM FOR 30 DAYS AFTER INSTALLATION.

Cleaning Instructions

 A soft damp cloth or chamois is recommended for general cleaning with use of mild dishwashing liquid for removal of greasy marks, e.g. 5 drops of Morning Fresh in a 500ml spray bottle. Do not use ammonia or other strong chemicals.

 To avoid scratching the film do not use bristle brushes, abrasive scrubbing sponges or any cleaning materials that may have been contaminated with dirt particles. As is commonly the case when washing interior and exterior windows with the same cleaning materials.

 Some brands of paper towels are course enough to put fine scratches in the film, even films with scratch resistant, protective hard coat finishes. While these scratches may be too thin to be seen at the beginning, they can damage the polished look of the film over time.

 Do not stick heavy or gummed signs, tape, etc. on the film. Do not use aerosol sprays on the film.

 A few small particles or points may remain. They a generally visible only from the outside and are inherent to film adhesives. These points or light reflections do not affect the heat, glare or fade reduction performance of the film in any way.

 The barely visible boarder around the edges ensures that the film is properly sealed and bonded to the glass. Do not pick at the edges of the film.

 A slightly hazy or milky appearance caused by water between the film and the glass will be evident for several days after application. Don’t be concerned—it will disappear, and the film will become optically clear.


Tropi-Cool Window Tinting is Cairns leading home and office tinting specialists, we have tinted everything from 6m high windows to thousands of louvres, high triangle windows on the outside of homes to glass skylights we have even applied frosted films on glass pool fences, the only access was in the pool.

We can custom fit window films to the most intricate designed windows. We can customise decorative films with digital cutting providing logos, waves and business details for shop fronts, pool fences etc.

You have the glass we have the solution!

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