Home & Office window tint installation in Cairns

Everyone from home and business owners to builders, architects and engineers can benefit from the work of Tropi-Cool Window Tinting in Paramatta Park, Cairns. Our experienced installers provide a range of high-quality specialised films for residential and commercial properties.

Please contact our office for your free, no-obligation quote or read on to learn how tinting can improve your home or office.

Home Tinting

At Tropi-Cool Window Tinting, we want to help you to reduce your ongoing expenses. Investing in high-tech window films for your home can significantly lower your energy costs, improve safety and create a comfortable home and reduce interior fading.

With one phone call to our friendly staff, you’ll have a fast, affordable and reliable installation of the perfect film—of course our knowledgeable team will help choose the ideal product for your needs. The installation process is very straightforward and causes very minimal disruption to your home life.

Window tinting can dramatically improve your property in many ways:

 Solar window films reject solar energy, & therefore heat, to improve comfort year-round

 Window tint significantly reduces energy costs—up to 30% on utility bills by lowering heating & cooling usage

 Helps protect against up to 99% ultraviolet (UV) rays

 Provides solar heat & glare protection for improved comfort

 Provides protection by holding shards of glass together if broken

 Protects residents & property from damaging ultraviolet rays and sunburn

 Frosted films enhance the appeal & privacy of your home or office

 An additional barrier against intruders for added security & peace of mind

Office Tinting

Nothing adds more ambience to a workspace than natural light, but sometimes it’s possible to have too much of a good thing. With natural light also comes unwanted heat and glare which can affect your comfort. Tropi-Cool Window Tinting has cost-effective solutions for all commercial clients throughout Far North Queensland.

With the application of one of our Solar Gard or 3M films, your windows can reject up to 79% of solar energy. This, in turn, cools down your workspace, maintaining a temperature-stable and comfortable environment. The reduced glare also improves visibility of computer screens, minimizing eye strain.

These days businesses as well as home owners are looking at ways to cut costs by lowering their electricity usage. Applying the correct window film to your building is the answer, as it reduces your reliance on air conditioning or fans.

Get a tailored tinting service for your office by contacting our experts today.

Office Tinting