Anti-graffiti security films for windows—Cairns

Tropi-Cool Window Tinting is Cairns’ security film specialist, whether you are protecting your home or office, contact our experts. We provide affordable installation options for residential and commercial clients throughout Cairns and the surrounding regions.

Safety and security films are design to offer added protection against a variety of natural and man-made dangers such as natural disasters, theft/break-ins and terrorism or accidental damage. Additionally, many external security films have anti-graffiti properties.

These specially engineered window films are composed of a transparent polyester film, scratch-resistant surface and a strong acrylic adhesive. In the event of a breakage, the glass fragments are held together by the adhesive, protecting yourself and your family from the threat of flying glass. This also makes cleaning up after a breakage easier and safer.

With the addition of an attachment system from the glass and tint to the frames a true barrier is created. This helps to stop water and wind penetration during violent weather conditions.

Special films with varying thicknesses are available which are virtually impenetrable thereby deterring the would-be smash-and-grab thief from breaking into your shopfront or office windows. Click here to read more about our privacy film options.

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Broken glass smashed by a hammer — Window Tinting Service in Paramatta Park, QLD