UV-blocking solar window films—Far North Queensland

Most people don’t realise what a difference window film can make to the comfort and appearance of their home or office until they try it. Tropi-Cool Window Tinting provides clients in all areas of Far North Queensland with affordable installation of the latest solar films from Solar Gard and 3M.

As the popularity of large, open glass windows or doors in modern design grows, many buildings suffer under the effects of the strong solar rays streaming into their rooms.

One of our customers was having trouble with heat and glare coming through their large kitchen windows. In the early afternoon, the sun would shine directly through these windows, heating up the black marble benchtops to the point that they were too hot to touch.

After applying Solar Gard Slate 10 solar window film, 79% of heat, 88% of glare and 99% of UV rays are now repelled from the surface of the window, keeping the house and benchtops cool. They also help slow the fading of any flooring or furniture in direct sunlight. As with our other films, you can choose from a wide range of shades and tints. See our FAQ for more information on the solar film products we have available.

In our experience, once you’ve had your windows tinted using solar films you will wonder “how did I ever live without it?” Call us today to discover the difference solar films can make to your North Queensland home or business.